We manage individual participant 401(k), 403(b) and 457s accounts directly. No rollover. No break in service. While the client is still working.

Expand your offerings with your clients. Explore significant prospecting potential. Unlock the multi-trillion dollar market.

The Opportunity

Partner with Absolute Capital to offer money management for your clients’ workplace retirement accounts...while they are still employed. Account types include 401(k), 403(b), 457.

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The assets stay in the plan

The assets receive full time tactical management

You earn fee revenue on these assets now

Fees come directly out of the account

You don't have to be rep of record on the plan

The Value Proposition

Add Full-Time Professional Management

Full-time, professional tactical management replaces many employees' own "once and done" allocation decision.

Incorporate into Overall Financial Plan

This core investment asset is now a part of the client’s overall financial plan. You receive data on account for ease of reporting.

Expand Your Business with Pre-Retirees

Deepen existing relationships and build new client relationships by providing a solution for clients’ retirement accounts while they are still working.

Getting Started

Start with your clients

Where do they work? How much time do they have to manage their own retirement account? Do they know that they can access full-time tactical management?

Check a Plan

Find plans in your area to manage

Absolute Capital can do all the research for you. Then, introduce this management offering to employees through word of mouth, mail or social media

Check an Area

Don't wait for the rollover!

Join Absolute Capital in providing management to workplace retirement accounts today.

Why Absolute Capital?