Investment Process Overview

Two Words…Active Management

We believe that there is a way to respond to dynamic market conditions. Instead of riding the ups and downs of the market, Absolute Capital utilizes “active management” as the cornerstone of our investment management process.

Professional Money Management

Are you factoring market volatility into your portfolio allocations? Do you take the time to monitor the markets and analyze your investment choices in the context of current market conditions? Do you have “static accounts” that are rarely reallocated as markets change?

Today, many investors turn to money management services in order to add professional allocation and monitoring to their investment accounts. This can offer peace of mind that their assets are being navigated and guided through changing market conditions.

Designed to help protect and grow your assets through changing market conditions, money management programs:

  • Focus on the goal of risk management
  • Draw upon market monitoring in the management of your investments
  • Actively manage your portfolio through changing market conditions
  • Apply professional fund analysis to each allocation decision
  • Partner with your financial professional to provide integrated solutions
  • Position your assets to suit your own risk/reward profile

Through Absolute Capital’s proprietary strategies available to your accounts in mutual funds, 401(k)s, variable annuities, IRAs, etc., we provide a turnkey solution to add professional money management to your accounts. Ask your financial professional about adding Absolute Capital’s money management solutions to your accounts today.