One Platform Delivers It All

From customized proposal creation utilizing expansive money manager choices to sleeve-level reporting, Absolute Capital provides an efficient and scalable ecosystem for your expanding wealth management business.


Customized Portfolio & Proposal Creation

Build customized portfolios tailored to your clients’ goals

Select institutional money managers to fulfill allocations


These are just some examples – you are creating a customized portfolio of institutional managers. Choose from thousands of available combinations depending on your clients needs

One Platform Delivers It All

  • Create a fee-based UMA for your clients’ investment assets…
  • While providing access to an expansive group of money managers…
  • While offering competitive fees that you control…
  • While providing integrated billing and comprehensive reporting…
  • While letting Absolute Capital, your dedicated partner, handle all the steps to get you started.

Reference to any particular custodian, money manager, employer and/or plan is not to be considered an endorsement of our services.