Why Absolute Capital for Pre-Rollover Retirement Account Management?


That's how we share fee revenue
Not only that, but YOU get to determine the fee that fits for you and your client. Absolute Capital's "Fee Flexibility" reflects our commitment to partnership with you.


The number of forms you need to fill out yourself
Leave the paperwork to us. We will find the right forms and pre-populate them for you, ready for signatures. Absolute Capital's Back Office Butler handles everything for our partners.


The year we started managing the same tactical strategies we manage today
Consistency...Absolute Capital's commitment to tactical management has remained unchanged since 2002. The Asset Allocator and Portfolio Protector strategies we use today have a long history.


Ways to add management to a pre-rollover retirement account
Our tactical defensive portfolio (Portfolio Protector) has the flexibility to go from 0 - 100% cash based on market conditions.


Allocation to cash
Because one way of managing doesn't work for all plans, Absolute Capital is experienced in finding the solution that works for each plan so that management can be added.