Help your clients today... while they are still employed with the management of one of their most significant assets.

Your clients want...

Professional management for their workplace retirement account

Eligible Plans are Everywhere*:


  • Apple
  • United Healthcare
  • AT&T
  • 3M
  • Facebook
  • Ascension Health
  • Williams Company


  • State of New York
  • State of Utah
  • State of Arizona
  • State of Oregon
  • State of Florida
  • State of Colorado Pera
  • State of Iowa
  • State of Delaware


  • University of Texas
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • University of Michigan
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MIT
  • Vanderbilt
  • University of Nebraska

You to help them…

Add management today and bring this account into their overall financial plan

Many Participating Providers:


Robust, customized portfolios for their retirement assets with access to institutional investment managers

Extensive Money Manager Choices:

*Reference to any particular custodian, money manager, employer and/or plan is not to be considered an endorsement of our services nor are these clients of Absolute Capital Management, LLC.


Key Features

  • Access institutional account management
  • You and your client select the managers
  • Expand the investment choices beyond their current selections
  • Integrated manager research center
  • Assets stay in the plan, same statement
  • Earn ongoing fee revenue on these assets now
  • Monitor your clients’ accounts in advisor portal
  • You don’t have to be rep of record on the plan

Advisor Compensation

  • Ranges to a maximum of 1.60%
  • Fees debited directly from account
  • Earn quarterly fee revenue on these assets now

Customized Portfolio & Proposal Creation

  • Deploy multiple strategies in one account
  • Build customized portfolios tailored to your clients’ goals
  • Select institutional money managers to fulfill allocations

Mix & Combine Managers

These are just some examples – you are creating a customized portfolio of institutional managers.
Choose from thousands of available combinations depending on your clients needs